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Microlux Drill Press Microlux Drill Press

Finding great deals on a Microlux drill press:
When you’re in the workroom, having great tools is a must. You get the job done faster and more efficiently. Buying tools is an investment and one that helps you run your business. There are hundreds of different types of drill presses and it can be a bit of a task to find the one that’s right for you. No worries! Here we have a product, the MicroLux drill press, which will help with your decision-making.

MicroLux Drill Presses provide accurate drilling and work at high performance for all your projects. Precision work is a breeze when using a high quality drill press. When you are working with wood, running a business, or finishing up projects, you don’t want jagged holes or difficulties with drilling steel. The makers of these drill presses have taken all of this into consideration and have created these amazing tools. They also offer different sizes and models to accommodate your needs.

MicroLux 3-speed mini drill press

 Price with the variety of discounts approximitely $199.95 Compared to the list price of $259.95. It would be wise to buy from Micro-Mark brand. This machine comes at a great price tag. This is a great tool if you want to skip out on using oversized drill presses. You can get accurate work done quickly and precisely. Precision is key when it comes to this machine. It is so simple to change speeds when working with different materials. It has a high-torch motor, ball bearing spindle that assures low vibration, and maintains high accuracy.

MicroLux Benchtop Variable Speed Mini Hobby Drill Press:

as a rule Price is $263.50 You’re easily saving $60. This is enough to purchase some accessories or even some extra machinery for your shop. This bench top drill press is a wonder. So many amazing features like calibrated depth control with positive stop, high torch motor that plugs into standard 120V AC outlet, and sliding gauge for drilling in-line holes. Whatever the project, this machine will definitely be of use.

MicroLux Heavy-Duty Right Angle Disk Sander / Drill

 Price of this $92.65 Compared to list price of $113.25 it is easy to make the decision. This heavy-duty disk sander/drill is versatile and can aid with all your projects. Whether you’re removing rust, grinding metal, or drilling holes, this palm-size tool has the features to do all that. Easy use of peel-and-stick sanding disk for all your sanding needs. No more manual sanding! This tool is of the highest quality at an amazing price.

A MicroLux drill press of any model is a workshop essential. Tools can get expensive and costs can add up when running a shop or working on projects. That is why Micro-Mark provides the lowest prices for all the high-quality tools and has built up a great reputation for providing the best deals. When you compare the prices, you can easily see a dramatic difference. Why spend more when you can buy cheap and save enough money to buy other tools you may need. The prices speak for themselves.

When buying online, you can save a great deal. However, when buying your tools with the small tools specialists at Micro-Mark, you are taking it to a whole new level of savings. When you visit Micro-Mark, you are bound to find great discounts and deals. Get your MicroLux drill press at Micro-Mark today!

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  • Comment Link Alvarez Tuesday, 26 April 2016 19:55 posted by Alvarez

    Thanks for information, I just not get how can I find online microlux heavy-duty right angle disk for cheap??? I trying to find it in Walmart site and saw it review at Amazon online website and price difference some vary between micro-luxe at these internet shops. So, question is - wich is the best way to buy micro-lux heavy-duty right angle disk online for cheap?

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