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Saturday, 11 October 2014 03:43

How To Find Best Drill Online

Drill - a tool whose usefulness can hardly be overestimated. It is used for drilling holes in various materials, for mixing mortar and mixtures for use with fasteners (screws, bolts). Drills are used during construction of varying degrees of complexity and intensity, during the current and capital repairs in wood and metal, automotive, building roads and communications in the furniture industry and many other sectors and industries, so that's what you need!

Choice of drill classes:

 There are two main types of drills:

  • household;
  • professional.

Selection depends on the type of drills, the frequency and amount of work. Intermediate - Class semi tools, which, however, recovered, not all manufacturers. It is the technique for home use, but it has margin and increased service life. It is not intended for everyday use for commercial purposes since it does not bear a heavy load. But can show the results at the level of pro-class with the non-periodic application.

Consumer class of Drills:

Choosing a drill for occasional, from time to time use at home is better to make your choice and keep your eye on the household toll class drill. The primary emphasis is placed on its ergonomics and versatility, while the professional tools that, in the first place, power, and resistance to wear. The same model of household tools can not only making holes but also unscrew or tighten the screws, nuts and bolts to hold small work chiseling medium density materials such as sandstone, plaster, drywall.

The household drill can not be used a long period without a break since the instrument overheating. Real properties such drills are compact, low noise and vibration. Another advantage drills domestic class is a small price compared to the semi-professional and professional models.

Professional Drill Class:

Professional drill class differs from the household that they can be used up to ten hours a day. To avoid overheating of the engine, through the 40-45 minutes of continuous work should be done 15-minute break. The material used to produce professional-grade drill, higher quality, which makes reliable tool. Virtually all professional drill fitted with a function of the impact.

Also, I would like to specify what means specialized drills:

For highly skilled drills inherent mainly professional class, are
     Angle Drill (for working in confined spaces) and
     Diamond drill (for making holes in hard materials using diamond drill bits for drilling).
Both household and professional drills may be the following:
     Unstressed (classical drilling)
     Cordless drills (with the function screwdriver self-supplied)
     Percussion Drill (hammer drilling)
     Drill-mixer (for mixing paint products and mortars).
Information about each type of drills alone can be found on our website in the appropriate section.

The choice of power supply:

Depending on the kind of work performed, it is necessary to decide on the selection of a type of power supply drill. There is wired drill, driven by an AC network and cordless drill with battery, running from the power supply as batteries of different types. Wired drill, running from the power supply, is attractive because there is no need for constant battery charging and uncomfortably limited work area, the need to move along, in the process, with an electrical extension cord and the obligatory presence of a constant current source. Cordless drills are indispensable where there is no access to a power outlet, where the need for frequent travel to work area. Choosing a drill, pay attention to the chemical composition of the battery capacity, capacity, a number of cycles, its weight, and size.
Read more about the difference between battery and corded models

Determination of the necessary specifications:

An important indicator for selecting a tool primarily consider the power of drills. Depends directly on the amount of rotation of the spindle, the intensity of exposure to the material. No less important indicators - drilling capacity in wood, metal. According to the characteristics of the drills, have opinions about the scope of the instrument. Choosing to compare "capabilities" - that is, the maximum drilling diameter, with "needs" - the alleged object of the (metal, wood harvesting, chipboard, etc.). On this basis, it is recommended, and the selection of equipment.
In addition to the main technical characteristics, there are many additional parameters and options for each series of drills, such as:

  • the presence of shock,
  • keyless chuck,
  • reverse (reverse drill)
  • multiple speeds,
  • speed controller

Choosing The Manufacturer of Drill:

drill Brands

There are the variety of manufacturers specialize in different classes of drills. DeWalt, Metabo, HILTI, Milwaukee - are manufacturers, mostly professional models. Makita, Hitachi, Bosch, Black & Decker have an extensive series of tools for home use, but also have some reliable and functional drills.
Different firms engaged in the manufacture and assembly of instruments in many countries around the world. It is wrong, is not currently an informed opinion about the poor quality of goods produced and assembled in China, Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia. Cheap labor in these countries can significantly reduce the final price of goods for consumers, with control over the quality of the goods in the same way as in plants located in Europe or North America.
When selecting drill one or another producer, always pay attention to the presence of warranty. Please be aware that warranty covers only manufacturing defects, so for a long and trouble-free use of the tool you need to know and follow the rules of operation and storage. On our site, you always can find certificates and manufacturer's warranty. When you find any defects, you can replace with a new one.  

Selecting a snap of Drills:

snap of Drills

By purchasing a drill should immediately take care of supplies and equipment:

  • drills,
  • bits
  • mixing nozzles,   
  • crowns,  
  • depth gauge,    
  • thrust arms,   
  • extension cords,     
  • Goggles and headphones, gloves.

Snap directly involved in the process (crowns, drill bits, nozzles), it is better to buy at the same time with a drill.

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