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Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide Attachment Review

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Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide Attachment Review Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide Attachment Review

If you are planning to buy Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide, I would recommend you to get it right now. Why? I will give you some tips in my review about this Drill Guide.

First of all, please, watch video review about Wolf Craft Drill Guide, and you will see how cute, comfortable and awesome make variety of drilling job with this model of Wolf Craft Drill Guide:




What can I also say, after video review...

It is Wolf Craft Drill Guide, which is possible to use for angle position, horizontal or vertical position, it means you can do any job, and drill any place holes you need.

Drill manual superb for exact and study drilling and sawing hole, suitable for giving angles in any occasions – on slants, on the wall, battens, and shaped sections, even in round workpieces, and much more.

Good For Drilling Glass:

It is the really cool tool for a good price, especially if you need this Wolf craft drill guide for not the big stack of a job, I mean it magnificent for homework if you like to make a repair, or mastering yourself. It possibly to drill angles, or straight hole, anywhere you can bring and insert your drill guide.

Also, I have been surprised, how great this wolf craft drill press for drilling glass. When I used the rubber stopper on the bottom of my aquarium, drill guide worked significantly, and I had no problem with drilling hole on the glass. Keep in mind – the springs of this guide press very useful, especially when you are planning drilling into wood, or light, soft metal, or another material like this.

Good for Repeated Holes:

In a first few times, I drilled holes, I got some skills and experience, and understood, how to move from hole to hole very accuracy until finished my job. All my drilled holes looked as has been done with the professional level and skills. So – if you need the bunch of holes for the occasional drill for home projects, you have to buy Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide – probably this is the tool for you.

If you buy it, you will solve almost all problem, when you need drilling holes anywhere you need. For this price – excellent and useful drill tool for average projects and repair, which will years and years good serve for your needs.

On my mind I can resume some my opinion about this model of Wolfcraft Drill Guide:


Very precision:

Very portable for transportations:

Many speed features when using for variety of jobs:

Hugely customizable:

Easy to assemble and disassemble.


Regularly necessary oiling to be in good performance:

From time to time not properly oiled.

So, to get Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide and keep it in good condition, just follow step, what I mention before, and do not forget to oil it from time to time. Just in case if you would like to buy this World Craft Drill Guide right now, see discount and the special offer on the selling page. There are you can always get info about free shipping and cut prices. Do not hesitate and go ahead to buy a tool you need.



Additional Info

  • Brand: Wolfcraft
  • Type: Drill Press
  • Price:

    $ 28.96

  • Drill Model Number: 4525404
  • More Info:

    Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide Attachment

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  • Comment Link Altas Thursday, 23 July 2015 23:40 posted by Altas

    I am was happy when I buy Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide model and always use it for my home work. It is reaaly help to drilling glass - I could fixs my wine table. Also, drill guide very comfortable and suitable for hard location places, where you need to get your drill job, Thanks for your review.

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