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Wolfcraft Drill Stand

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Wolfcraft drill stand review

Introduction: In this industry, it is usually very difficult to select the right products because there are many manufacturers. These manufacturers make their own products in different designs and the prices are different. However, at our site we have been able to lessen this burden for you because we conduct the market analysis for you so that we provide you with the best quality and best-priced products. The Wolfcraft drill stand is one of the products that we deal with in both our physical and online stores.

In our company, we sell both new and used products so you do not have to worry about the price because we have some of the best deals on both new and used products. For your own convenience, we now offer online sales with free shipping so you need not look any further but just here. 


The stand is one of the strongest, durable, and best-priced drill stands currently in the market. The Wolfcraft drill stand comes in different varieties and brand names. For instance, there is the Wolfcraft 5027000, the Wolfcraft 4522 Tec Mobil, and the Wolfcraft drill stand with round column. The Wolfcraft drill stand can be found in many stores physical and online. However, I believe we have the best deals when it comes to sales because we always give the biggest discounts and provide free shipping. Currently we are offering a special discount on all online sales and thus I would request you to take advantage of our clearance sale before the products run out of stock.

The 570mm tall stand is a sturdy 40mm rounded column with a 340mm long tooth rack screwed on. The drill does not twist when milling or drilling. The stand comes with an integrated return spring. The depth adjustments are by means of a depth stop equipped with a quick adjuster. The stand also comes with a locking button for series drilling depth. The stand comes with a 203*307mm strong and stable cast iron table. The table provides working surface, which is milled with clamping grooves to hold clamping vices and blocks. 

The Wolfcraft drill stand is used when drilling flat surfaces, battens, and round work pieces with complete precision. Although there are many substitutes for this stand it is important to note that the stand has some advantages over its competitors. These include:

1. The drill is made of strong cast iron and this makes it difficult for the stand to be easily deformed. 

2. It has a large working height of 305mm when compared to other stands within its range. 

3. The stand comes with a Euronorm receptacle

4. The stand comes with an adjustable scale ring that enables the accurate setting of drilling depths down to the last millimeter

5. The stands working area is milled with T slots for attaching the clamping jaws or bench vices

6. The stand does tot twist while drilling ensuring perfection

7. The stand comes with a cable holder and a star handle

At our site, we offer lengthy warranties, sell other accessories, and provide tips on how to safely operate and maintain your tools. This is why we are the best retailers of woodworking tools. The Wolfcraft stand is one of the best in the industry but unfortunately, it also suffers from some few drawbacks that make it sometimes less competitive. 

1) Firstly, the stand is relatively more expensive than stands from other manufacturers or other brands such as Bruder Mannesmann, Proxxon, and Dremel. 

2) Secondly, the stand is less mobile when compared to other brands such as the Wolfcraft 4522000 mobile drill stands.

3) Third, the stand is much heavier than most stands of its range in the market. 

Regardless of these shortcomings, the stand is still one of the best in the market. If you buy from us, you will enjoy several benefits such as the discount and free shipping. Please remember that we offer great deals on all woodworking tools. Thus, you will always find exciting products from our stores and mostly our online stores. Our online services are available on a 24-hour basis and you will learn a lot of important information from our site. 


In conclusion, I can only say that the Wolfcraft drill stand is one of the best in the market and if you want it just place your order on our site and it will be shipped to you. 

Additional Info

  • Brand: Wolfcraft
  • Power Source: Corded Drill
  • Origin: Country
  • More Info:

    Wolfcraft Drill Stand

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  • Comment Link Caledon Wednesday, 01 July 2015 20:36 posted by Caledon

    I am sure, for the home projects this worlcraft drill press works well. After few time I bought it, I was very satisfied, because this drill help me and all my jobs and art with it always done accurately, drill holes suitable and really what I am planned to drilling. maybe for professional work you will need more powerful drill, but for home casual work this model of wolfcraft drill exactly for me!

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