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The Drill Doctor 350x is a quality crafted, the trusted device for any drill user from a full time carpenter, to a hobbyist tinkering in his free time. This wonderful machine the DD350x is an easy to use compact accessory that sits easily out of the way until needed with it s slim conservative design. The DD350x Take drill bits from sizes 3/32 all the way to 1/2 and sharpens them back to a perfect point so you can continue to work with speed an ease. Take a diamond sharpener to each of your drill bits that performs the perfect job at replacing that like new edge.

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Plasplugs Drill Sharpener

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Drills usually become blunt over time and they require to be sharpened to retain their efficiency. The Plasplugs Drill Sharpener is an efficient tool to re-sharpen your drill bits and to return them back to tip top shape.

Some of the drill bits available include:

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Drill Bit Sharpener

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Shopping for a Drill Bit Sharpeners:

For anyone who uses a drill regularly, the drill bits are bound to become dull over time especially if they use it to drill hard materials. To most people, this means making a visit to the hardware to buy new bits. This trip will mostly interrupt a project because they do not realize it until the project is underway. Being able to sharpen your own bits will not eliminate this interruption but it will definitely save you time that could have been spent while visiting a hardware. It is therefore worth investing on a drill bit sharpener;

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