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Drill Doctor 350x Drill Doctor 350x

The Drill Doctor 350x is a quality crafted, the trusted device for any drill user from a full time carpenter, to a hobbyist tinkering in his free time. This wonderful machine the DD350x is an easy to use compact accessory that sits easily out of the way until needed with it s slim conservative design. The DD350x Take drill bits from sizes 3/32 all the way to 1/2 and sharpens them back to a perfect point so you can continue to work with speed an ease. Take a diamond sharpener to each of your drill bits that performs the perfect job at replacing that like new edge.

 Anyone in the market considering something like this I don’t have to tell you how expensive drill bits can get, I’m sure you already know. Wouldn’t it be nice for that investment you made to last twice or even three times as long. It’s possible with the DD350x you can keep your bits going for as long as you need them. 

So that’s the basics of a DD350x and if you weren’t considering one, you should be. Look at our amazing price here for buying online. It’s cheap, efficient, super fast, and super easy. Buying it through us we promise you a quality machine that will make you a proud owner of drill bits that punch right through that wood, instead of fighting with your drill pushing the old dull ones till it eats through it or snaps the drill bit, whichever comes first. It’s an amazing product and you could go hunting for it at Lowe's, or home depot, or the local hardware, but you know if you buy online it will be cheaper and still that same quality item, so why not save the time, save the hunt and order yours today. Still not 100% convinced that’s fine let me tell you more about the Drill Doctor 350x and its amazing features. 

I already covered the diamond sharpener, and the size from 3/32 to 1/2 drill bits. There’s so much more to add to that list, like It sharpens quick and easily for a 118 degree point angle. The on chuck alignment makes the need for an alignment port non consistent simplifying the procedure from older models. V block jaws lock your bit in place eliminating the pesky jaw twisting on small bits. A new slim ergonomic design keeps the DD350x low profile for better stability and less tool walking. The new permanent power motor is a piece of art that produces constant power, regardless of speed or load. True diversity as the DD350x can sharpen your high-speed steel, carbide, cobalt, tin-coated, and masonry bits all with this one device. 

So come on stop messing around and order your Drill Doctor 350x from us today and think of all it can do. This machine is a small bundle of power and usefulness that will never stop helping you save money and time. Sharper drill bits drill faster simple. Sharpening in your DD350x is twice as fast as doing it by had, another fact. Being able to just step to the garage or shed to sharpen a bit in minutes, saves running to the store anytime you buy a new bit because yours is to dull for the job. So why wait guys, grab a DD350x from us today and start saving right away with the low price of the machine and all it will save you.

See Video review about Drill Doctor 350x Bit Sharpener:

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